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Webydo’s Providing More Creative Freedom For The Professional Designers Community


After swiftly establishing themselves as leaders in the web design revolution, online web design platform Webydo has just announced new pricing plans that cater to the more than 85,000 web development professionals who trust Webydo to power their work. Having outgrown the boundaries of a one-size-fits all premium system, the new pricing structure reflects the

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9 Web Hosting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them


If you’re ready to move off Blogger and onto a web hosting service, you’ve probably got a lot of other things on your plate as well. The world of web hosting can be complex and confusing, but we’re looking out for you. We know you want a simple solution tailored to your needs, and with

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Get more traffic with good web design

While designing We Are not Freelancers we had one goal in mind. Our goal was to get featured on as many web galleries as possible. This isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, we had never achieved it before so why would we do it now? From start to finish this blog took about