Hash One – Oboxs Premium WordPress Theme Winner!

I closed the competition on Saturday to allow for any more entries, There has been a great response to this theme both about the design and the admin features, so the guys over at Obox / from the couch can be really proud of them selves for producing such a high quality theme, and id like thank every one who entered and tweeted about the competition on design shard.


Congratulations to Hip Hop Makerswww.hiphopmakers.com

He shall be contacted and the theme delivered!

To choose the winner i used this MySql query on design shards database, it saves on paper and time and is totally random.


Don’t worry if you didn’t win because they have more ideas for themes up their sleeves, that will be given away just like this one, they will also be available to be buy on their web site so stay tuned for that! why not follow Obox on twitter and check out this post on there blog for more info.

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