Amazing Ornamental Design Inspiration – Baroque Style

This is a collection of baroque style (ornamental) design, this style originates from baroque styles of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and the word baroque can also simply mean that something is elaborate with many details. [Further Reading]

This style can be incorporated in to Logos, T-Shirts, Posters, Type … Anything

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Shiny Binary

I had to add shiny binaries “Perfect porftolio” piece for Digital Arts Magazine and “Mystic” that was inspired by Eastern style statues and carvings, you can clearly see the statue within the image and the ornate flourishes.

shinybinary2 shinybinary


This pencilled etching is great way to see how the shadows and the darker crevices give the ornamental style its three dimensions



An Amsterdam based illustrator that goes by the studio mane of opera78 has a great drawing style so checking out some of his personal and commercial work is a good idea.

oprera782 opera781

One Twenty Six

Based in New York One Twenty Six produces some great packaging and branding, you can also see some of the ornate designs in there logo designs.


Shepard Fairy

This guy has a real eye for poster design and you can check out his fine art collection for some more inspiring examples of his work. i also found this image via abduzeedos a mixed inspiration post to look through.


J R Velasco

a great example of these ornate finishes is on this website header, wrapping around other illustrations and hand drawn elements. The old vintage look gives it even more character and era.

jrvelasco2 jrvelasco1

Irish Wind

Great baroque style technical pen drawing in the making just goes to show how much time and effort goes in to such a piece like this.

irishwind2 irishwind1


This website has a great visual tutorial on how to recreate this style from start to finish


I Cant Hear

I Cant Hear design studio with some great work and sketches of work in progress gives a good understanding of work flow to final piece, as seen below a sketch and final piece in vector form is mind blowing.

icanthear2 icanthear1


Has some great collections of old scans on his flickr

guarniero1 found

Eduardo Cife

Eduardo Cife of Misprinted Type has some awesome illustration work from book covers to posters. a true vintage style that you can see throughout his work.

eduardorecife3 eduardorecife2 eduardorecife1

Ansel Olson

Ansel has some inspiring sets on flickr from photos to scans like the one shown below, decorated type is another great way to incorporate this style.


Anouther Great decorated alphabet.



Very detailed breath taking ornate typography incorporating cherubs, birds and statues.

bibliodyssey3 bibliodyssey2 bibliodyssey1


A designer from Russia known a 86era due to being born in 1986, also found via ilovetypography inspiring type

86era2 86era1


I would put this style high up in my favourites and i find it very inspiring to look at others work and how they can incorporate it in to designs such as web sites, Typography and posters you name it and it can be done, adding extra flair and interest.

Do you get inspired by this style or know some great pieces of work to share? Please leave a comment.

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