Jaguar Concept Car 2040: What is Luxury in 2040?

This week we bring a concept car design from the Jaguar design team . This is a fantastic look into how a concept car is created from initial sketch to augmented reality hologram, thank you to Amar Vaya for using a CC license

Jaguar 2040 : What is Luxury in 2040?

The Initial Idea

In an intelligent and self-developed age, society will bring luxury to a new status. Indulgence in the harmony of a tailored experience designed to match individual ideologies. Luxury is having the opportunity to fulfill life.

What is it?

The Jaguar L-type is designed to be a Luxury vehicle for a modern era, it is designed to be a cruiser for the modern city inhabitant. The objective for the L-type is to become a piece of sculpture when not in use, and it can do this by parking on special hub’s installed around the city, which are positioned upright to drastically alter the vehicle’s appearance.

When parked on the hubs, it’s secondary use is to gather solar electricity, like a blossomed flower reaching above the shade of undergrowth. The vehicle is continuously connected to the national grid, where it draws power via the front wheels, which in turn powers electro magnetic thrust, which react with specially adapted roads.

Scenario 2040

The world is a figment of its former self…


  • Overpopulation requires fully sustainable cities to be developed local to existing cities.
  • After seeing the effects of global warming, world governments prioritise the environment and integrate society with nature.


  • Nano revolution has dawned and nuclear fusion is still not ready for mainstream use. Maximising renewable energy is important. Aiding this, development into ultra efficient and powerful electronics.
  • Nano materials, Nano computers and Nano solar voltaic cells change the way the car is packaged, centralising the user.
  • Products are designed to provide human satisfaction rather than to fuel consumerism.


  • Recession brings a generation who are aware of financial matters, buying into timeless products / cultures, which fuel a healthy product lifespan.
  • The standard of living is increased dramatically in the eco city, due to a natural lifestyle the population will begin the accept a happier place, with equilibrium in human behavior.


  • The environment is warmer due to global warming, however the damage caused by CO2 emissions is slowly reversed with advancements in technology.


  • Break down of traditional governments makes way for a scientific driven leadership.
  • World peace is within grasp.
  • Eastern superpowers merge with western societies creating a increasingly diverse World.


Luxury and Design

  • Overconsumption is no longer a sign of success
  • Cultural experience over material possession.
  • Timeless quality thinking with technology
  • Sustainability where material and design matter most.

Augmented reality lets you create and interact with your environment : example : Drift amongst the stars as you travel

Final Concept

Exterior design work and clay modelling completed by Amar Vaya, Thomas Tzortzi and Louise McCallum in a joint project with Jaguar’s advanced design team.

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