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9 Web Hosting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them


If you’re ready to move off Blogger and onto a web hosting service, you’ve probably got a lot of other things on your plate as well. The world of web hosting can be complex and confusing, but we’re looking out for you. We know you want a simple solution tailored to your needs, and with


10 Extremely Creative Alternate Disney Movie Posters


I stumbled across these very clever and creative alternate Disney movie posters and thought I’d share them over here on Design Shard, you might have to look a little closer get the bigger picture when looking over these posters. If you like these posters you can buy the prints over at the illustrators etsy Rowan


12 Free Original Subtle Grunge Vectors – Vol 1

La Lune - Double Merrick

These vectors were created by taking rubbings of various objects such as walls and wooden panels with a black crayon on to A4 plain paper – once scanned and vectorised they have immediately become usable assets for your artwork. Download The Vector pack Download Link: Download Now! (73mb – 12 Adobe Illustrator CS3 Files )


8 Free Original Hi-Res Old Brown Paper Textures


These paper textures were scanned from an old manuscript that I bought – They have been scanned in at a high resolution and would be ideal for any project that requires a vintage look and feel. You may also like these 20 Free Original Hi-Res Stained Paper Textures that I created. The Textures On Flickr


The Artists Of The Official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Posters


London 2012 Olympics is not only about the sport and athleticism but also about the art, listed below are the promotional posters that have been designed and created by some of Britains iconic desingers for the Olympics 2012 and the Paralympics 2012, im sure these will be popping up somewhere along your journey to work