20 Awesome Inspirational Logos From 2010

Today we present to you 20 logos from around the web, hopefully you havent seen any of them! These have been hand picked for their simplicity and general design awesomeness. There are so many great logos around it is difficult to filter out the best however this is good for us designers as it keeps


Nike Football City Typography Treatment

Here we feature an artist who goes by the name of “ROAN“, for the design savvy amongst you will remember him from the PSD Tuts post about South American Artists in which he was featured – This is truly awesome design and illustration. This is an extract from his folio which I hope will inspire


8 Free Fantastic Fractal Photoshop Brushes

I finally had a chance to create some Fractal Photoshop Brushes and here they are. These are very useful for getting unique space effects and abstract compositions, such as a solar flares. The brushes are all at a 2500 x 2500px – Maximum quality. I hope you find them useful Im sure you will, I


Featured Illustrator: The Super Talented Irina Vinnik


Whilst looking through Behance I discovered a female illustrator called Irina Vinnik from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her illustrations immediately struck me as being fantastically detailed. Drawn in a moleskin they have a quiet unassuming quality that makes them even more interesting. You might also enjoy these past posts: Ornamental Design Inspiration – Baroque Style Floral


Jaguar Concept Car 2040: What is Luxury in 2040?

This week we bring a concept car design from the Jaguar design team . This is a fantastic look into how a concept car is created from initial sketch to augmented reality hologram, thank you to Amar Vaya for using a CC license Jaguar 2040 : What is Luxury in 2040? The Initial Idea In