12 Cool Big Cartel T-shirt Stores

Big Cartel offers an excellent resource for indie t-shirt lines looking for a quick and easy social online store. However, as of this posting, there were well over 4,000 shops at Big Cartel. The majority of these serve up some t-shirts and we wanted to share 12 of our faves?  Read on to see what we like about each of these stores.

Daft Packs

The #1 Pick in Premium Sportswear. Legends Only


BYH New York

Founded in March 2013 in New York City. by H. aims to create interesting and affordable everyday wear. We seek to make functional, season-less as well as unisex clothing by following a minimalist approach.


JVP Melbourne

New Fashion Design from Melbourne


Well Fed New York

Started in New York City in 2010, Well Fed has grown from a simple visual blog to a worldwide apparel company.



Coming from the streets of London, Ovidius Clothing is a Highstreet brand inspired by surrounding Contemporary Culture. Having launched in 2013, Our aim is perfecting our products for our customers. We have an eye for detail on our quality garments sold at affordable prices.



Clothing from the Midlands, UK



There is a lot of action going on here. Sometimes that is a bit much, but showed that excess can look good too.


Dirty Rich

Simple, clean, minimal. Enough said.


M+RC Noir

How do you get it do Fresh? By washing your tees with too much detergent inside your animated washing machine.



Big imagery and even bigger clothing


KYC Vintage

This is a very cool touch for a t-shirt line that covers quite a few subjects.


Drop The Anchor

Original Melbourne Streetwear, Shop












Top 10 Tips to Get Exposure on Design Blogs

Whether you are a freelancer or you work for a design agency, getting your name spread in the design community should be a top priority. A lot of doors can be opened with a just a little networking when using the right strategy to contact the top design bloggers.

An interview or feature on a top design blog with a large existing audience of your peers can be a major ingredient for success. Here is a list of the top 10 tips to get that design blog exposure and take you to the next level.

You may also want to check out this article on Arbent 10 No-No’s When Contacting a Blogger” the other half of the story.

1.) Direct E-mail

I had to list direct e-mail as the first option because it starts the introduction. It is the most forward and “to the point” way you can ask for exposure. However, direct e-mail alone is usually not enough. You need to perform a few of the remaining tips to earn some blog love.

2.) Get Involved

You know your Uncle Larry who only calls when he needs a favor? Yeah…you screen his calls for that reason. The same will happen in the design blog community if you haven’t spent time getting involved first. It’s so easy to do. Just leave some comments on the blog and add to the conversation.

3.) Include a Link to Your Portfolio

When leaving those comments from Tip #2, always link back to your personal website or portfolio so the blogger and their community can check you out. If you’re good enough, your work will speak for itself. If you are e-mailing the blogger, always include links to your site or portfolio in the e-mail to give yourself added credibility.

4.) Provide Ideas

There are many days that bloggers wake up and bang their head against the wall for hours trying to figure out the next subject to write about. Lend them a hand and give them a good idea, and they are sure to return the favor.

5.) Promote the Blog

Submit an article from the blog to Design Bump or Design Float and let them know how much you enjoyed it. Flattery can go a long way.

6.) Offer an Exchange

Do you have something that they can benefit from? Maybe you have expertise in a subject that they don’t feel versed enough to write about. That is the perfect situation for a guest post. This is often one of the most lucrative scenarios for exposure.

7.) Provide a Giveaway

Bloggers love to give stuff away. Do you have some custom brushes or vector art that you don’t mind parting with? Offer it to them in conjunction with a contest they are doing or as a single post for linkbait.

8.) Do A Tutorial

Tutorials are so valuable right now that places like the Envato Network will pay you up to $150 for one. Design bloggers love tutorials because their audience craves them.

9.) Create a Blog

I shouldn’t have to list this one, but we are designers and not copywriters. You can get a tricked out WordPress blog that acts as your personal website, content management system and as your blog.

10.) Offer a Discount

The last one doesn’t apply in all situations, but if possible, give an exclusive discount. If you sell services or products, then you can almost always count on an exclusive promo code being published on a blog.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to get after it. Accomplish these 10 tips and I am sure that we’ll all be knowing your name soon in the design community.

Top 5 Design Trends for T-Shirts

With the abundance of t-shirt design sites such as Threadless and Design By Humans, it’s easy to trendspot themes that are popular. Each site and its community has their own taste and it makes gaming the vote a lot easier. Here is a list of our top 5 design trends that are sure to give you a few extra votes in t-shirt competitions:


T-Shirts with skull designs are arguably the most popular theme on the internet and in retail. Something about death just gets designers and t-shirt lovers united.

Skull T-Shirts


Trees are one of the most symbolic pieces of design and probably the reason for their popularity. They can equate to life, growth, green living, reunion, and much more.

Tree T-Shirts


Birds definitely win the versatility award for having the ability to range from cute to scary and from large to small. They can be the focal point and make the whole design or just be an accessory and play a small part in the big picture.

Bird T-Shirts


Splatter is a pretty simple effect that can be useful for the majority of t-shirt design concepts. There are many resources on the internet for photoshop brushes and vectored image packs with splatter to add to a t-shirt designer’s toolbox.

Splatter T-Shirts


Floral artwork is another wildy popular component of t-shirt design because of its all-purpose usability. It usually sits in the background and can act as polish for the featured portion of the artwork.

Floral T-Shirts

As with anything else, what is hot today can be cold tomorrow but these 5 design elements and concepts have been in high demand for some time now. Our guess is that with the increasing amount of platforms for t-shirt design, these design elements will reach saturation at a faster rate than ever before.

Hopefully these designs are inspiring, because custom t-shirts can be a great and fun form of promotion, whether it’s for a business, band, freelancer, etc. Aside from that, they’re awesome to come up with just for the sake of creativity and design.