Design Shards October 2008 Calendar On Smashing Magazine

While making my re-design for my site I was also working on an entry for smashing magazines October calendars, luckily it made the cut and was featured on the list this month.

October Can Be Beautiful Too

If you want a specific resolution feel free to leave a comment stating what you want and id be glad to upload it for you, or you could resize the bigger resolution.

I have a big interest in illustration so i picked up my £35 graphics tablet and got to work on creating a face, I am very pleased with how it turned out and could stare at her eyes all day.

The wooden background is a texture that i included in my texture pack that I released a few months ago, also I added extra overlays to the illustration with other textures that I included in the pack to make it more rustic and give it a feel of nature and autumn.

I created the calendar from a piece of cardboard and downloaded a leaf stock image pack from deviant art, added it all together and that was the result feel free to download the calendar, if you have no use for it maybe you could get some inspiration from it, either way hope you like it.

You’ll notice the wide open space on the left of the calendar, I realise some people don’t have Icons on there desktop but I do so I am sorry if this annoys you or if your using vista that the calendar gets covered up by your widget.

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