Free Desktop Wallpaper: Smoke On The Water

No this is not a tribute to the legendary rock band deep purple more of a play on words as the actual wallpaper resembles smoke on water! Catch ma drift? it also reminds me of those weird portal things in the Donnie Darko movie, Check the preview below.


To create this wallpaper I actually followed a great tutorial by Fabio Sasso over at abduzeedo to create a realistic water effect in C4d, I took the idea a little further and added splashes and some crazy cool smoke textures by Caleb Kimbrough.

Download The Desktop Wallpaper

Sorry if I don’t have your resolution, if there’s enough people who want a certain resolution ill may make one.

Download iphone Version

Two versions for your iphone at 320×480

Show me your Desktop

If you’ve used this wallpaper on your computer or phone or any other device for that matter, feel free to post a link in the comments below.

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