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Are you thinking about changing your hosting company, I have, the value and support is mind blowing. I’ve recently changed my hosting from Godaddy to WP WebHost, and its going great. You can find out more below in this review.

About Wp WebHost

WP WebHost is a hosting company that is dedicated to WordPress powered sites, they are a team of web masters that are enthusiastic about WordPress, Wp WebHost began when they were annoyed about other hosting companies not taking WordPress in to consideration on there servers and there fore not having the correct settings to run there blogs properly, so they created there own hosting service specifically for this cause, Wp WebHost, If you want to know more you can visit there about page that has plenty of information.

Pricing & Cost

They have one hosting plan that you can choose but they can also tailor a hosting plan specially for you needs, i think this makes it allot simpler to get started.

Freedom Plan

So the freedom plan which is what Design Shard is hosted on is great you get large amounts of bandwidth per month and can host up to 50 web sites on the same host. Ill outline the pricing and what you get below

  • 50GBs of web space
  • 500GBs of monthly bandwidth
  • Host up to 50 domain names
  • WordPress-compatible server
  • WordPress-savvy support team
  • $5/month / $80/Year / $120/2 years

Im always creating sites so I jumped at the chance to host with Wp WebHost because of the amount of websites you can have on the same host , I was hosting with Godaddy and I could only have sub domains, with this you can have up to 50 actual domains so that’s 50 website depending on your 50Gbs of storage and 500Gbs of bandwidth per month. There support team is great and would almost defiantly recommend you a hosting plan to suit your needs

I know Godaddy offers an ultimate hosting plan with multiple domains but the pricing is what put me off, if you can calculate how much bandwidth you will use per month you can clearly see how this hosting plan would benefit you.

Money Back Guarantee

Monet Back guarantee

Ive noticed on there site they have a guarantee of 100 days that if your not happy you get your money back you cant be fairer than that, they aren’t the sort of company to take you for a ride or at least I haven’t got that impression, I cant see why you would be unsatisfied.

Customer Support

when ever i had to contact support via email their response was within the day sometimes with in the hour which was great to fit round a busy schedule. Their team is well experienced with WordPress and can help you with your WordPress related problems with ease. I can only say good things about there support which you may not get with bigger hosting companies.

WpWebHost Features

So apart from the features I out lined above in pricing & cost you get more, ill outline some that stand out for me and I find excellent. But you can see the full list over on there specification page

  • 99.5% Uptime
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Compatible for PHP, MySQL Database, and Perl scripts.
  • Unlimited MySQL Database
  • POP3, IMAP & Web-based E-mail Access
  • Perfect Hosting Envinronment for WordPress 2.0 – 2.7

As you can see you can create as many databases as you want as well as sub domains, its perfect for hosting WordPress but you can host you PHP and database driven web sites as well.

A few Extra Details

You maybe interested to know a few things that I noted when using this hosting service.

Control Panel


The control panel is cPanel, you may have experience with this already or not, I had not used it but had known about it, its really simple to navigate and isn’t complex.

They have Fantastico installed in the control panel which makes installing WordPress really easy.

Mail Accounts

You can create unlimited mail accounts, I managed to import all my mail from my Godaddy online account to my new one on Wp WebHost as well as downloading them to my computer with outlook.

Domain Names

All my domain names are on Godaddy so I can cancel my hosting and keep my domains, you could also transfer them to Wp WebHost but I chose not to make life easier, you have to change the name servers in Godaddy to the Wp Webhost servers and you’ll be set to go, they provide all the information in a welcome email.

Test URL

So before you change your nameservers you can set up your site on a test URL that they provide, this ensures that everything works just fine and all you files are uploaded properly before you swap over. There is basically no downtime when swapping servers as long as your current hosting is active as well.

Guides To Moving WordPress

Transfering WordPress

I did a bit of Googling to see what I could find to help me change hosts without bothering support and I found an extremely useful article that I followed to move WordPress to my new server.

I followed this guide and every thing was fine: how to transfer your wordpress blog from one host to another host


Design Shard is now Hosted with WP Web Host and its been a really great experience so far, support is fast at responding to questions about their hosting and about WordPress, the features of there servers are better than what I was on at Godaddy! I would recommend them with confidence if your thinking of changing hosts.

They really do care, if you know of Naldzgraphics design blog, he was having alot of problems with his hosting and they were trying there best to help him out.


Do you have any recommended hosting providers, what works well for you? are you hosted with Wp WebHost? How is it going? Thinking about changing hosts? Got any questions? Please leave a comment.

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