22 Online Web / Design magazines you should look at

I was looking for some nice resources and found some really cool online art and design magazines that provide some very interesting reading while I wasn’t working,

This post isn’t based around web design in particular and explores other areas of art and design, there are a lot of interesting ideas that can be found once you start looking.

some of them have a few links to other new and exciting websites and blogs, The work found on these sites are very artistic and inspirational and I’ll certainly be looking further into some of these, hope you all find it as interesting as I did.

  1. Computer Arts – Awesome online tutorials as well as an inspirational gallery of work by readers.
  2. Urban Collective – creative images and design sites worth a look
  3. Beast the bible of inspiration – Design, typography, art, illustration, photography, mind & matter and all kinds of creative exhausts, published in PDF format but sadly no longer in publication.
  4. Vitamin – Excellent source of reading just choose which topic you want, some of the categories are CSS, Design, Web Apps
  5. Booooooom – Cool articles about art, design, music etc also check out their friends list for more cool work.
  6. Communication Arts – Showcasing some of the best advertising graphic design, check out some of the links on the features dropdown.
  7. Smashing magazine – Huge amounts of web design information and inspiration.
  8. CSS Globe – A site dedicated to web standards, and fresh articles contributed by members.
  9. .net – Tutorials and interviews with professionals for developers and designers.
  10. Design is kinky – Showcasing some of the most inspiring art and design portfolios.
  11. Design melt down – Excellent galleries of websites as well as articles covering problems in web design.
  12. Digital web magazine – Educational articles about aspects of web design such as css, business, and social networking.
  13. Eye magazine – Intriguing articles about graphic design, check out some of their issues lots of reading and not a lot of pictures though just click on issues.
  14. Format – Some very nice work and articles can be found on this site that will defiantly inspire.
  15. Graphis – Under construction but will provide a good source of photographic inspiration i expect.
  16. Net diver – Design and digital culture some exciting pieces of work.
  17. Sitepoint – Interesting industry news.
  18. Surf Station – Interesting art and design news.
  19. The dezine – Galleries of inspirational work.
  20. Think Faest! – A peculiar blog with excellent, work check out the categories and blog roll sections.
  21. My computerlove – More interesting articles to get you thinking.
  22. Design Diary – art and digital design lounge, check out the links signal part lots of nice sites to be seen.


Reader Recommendations

  1. Typesites – Weekly showcases of websites with interesting typography
  2. I love typography – A vast resource of every thing to do with typography
  3. Free Design Magazine – created to inform designers about the latest news about design, and also free resources
  4. Destructed – Art and design PDF magazine
  5. A list Apart – Explores the design, development, and meaning of web content.
  6. Graphic Competitions – Graphic design competitions.

Any one knows of any other magazine sites that provide a good source of interesting reading and imagery.

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