Typographic + Design inspiration from music magazine ads – pt 2

This post carries the same theme as the first part Awesome artistic inspiration from music magazine adverts both parts add up to 45 images.

Hopefully these can provide some more inspiration to people, to see how the adverts have been put together using colours, vector art, floral and other design elements to tie the design in.

Panic At The Disco

Design Features: Vintage, floral patters, worn texture, purples

panic at the disco

The Vines

Design Features: Design Vector foliage, honey comb texture, greens, white, horizontal text

the vines


Design Features: Horizontal design, gradient, black background, retro



Design Features: Grunge paint splatters, multicoloured, justified text


Stag Dagger

Design Features: Vector shapes, grainy white background, pink

stag dagger

Zoo 2008

Design Features: Faint star burst background, organic design elements, centered text

zoo thousand

Waxon Live

Design Features: Dark, pink, blue, subtle vector elements



Design Features: Grunge, Blocks of colour, textured background, yellow, black, paint splatters


The Verve

Design Features: Deep sky, light to dark, greys, yellows, deep purples

the verve

The Hop farm Festival

Design Features: Vivid gradient background, centered text, green, orange, yellows

the hop farm

The Edge Festival

Design Features: Grungy worn background, distressed edges, blue, black

the edge fest

The Big Chill

Design Features: blocks of text, depth of field photo, organic

the big chill

Should I Enter Media Awards

Design Features: Vector brain, bubbly text. palin white background

should I enter


Design Features: Cut out design elements, paper, foliage


Rip Curl Board Masters

Design Features: Vivid grunge background, cut out pantone design elements, yellows, reds

rip curl

Radio 1s Big Weekend

Design Features: Vector art, sky background, blues

radio 1

OYA 2008

Design Features: Hand draw vectors, bold design, yellows, old


NME Festival Guide

Design Features: Vector burst, blue background, floral patterns


NME New Noise

Design Features: Urban building surround, grungy, red

new noise


Design Features: Printed on cardboard, torn edges, creased, doodle art

low lands

Foals Cassius

Design Features: Doodle Art, pink background, grungy

foals cassius

NME Awards Tour 2008

Design Features: Urban borders, grunge texture, greens, black

nme awards

NME Awards 2008 Big Gig

Design Features: Urban burst, bold, white textured background

nme awards big gig


Design Features: Illustration art, dark, vines, greens


02 Promotion

Design Features: Typography rabbit, depth of field, blues


There may be a part 3 to this in the future I guess the creativity never ends. Check out part one Awesome artistic inspiration from music magazine adverts if you missed it.

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