Poll: Cast your vote : What interests you most in design?

Design shard is getting to have quite a few subscribers and visitors which is great it makes me really excited and happy that people can benefit from the posts that are on the blog and posts that will be posted in the future.

Ive got a poll rigged up to enable me to see what you as readers are interested in and quite possibly see more of on the blog, this will hopefully create some great reading material that every one will benefit from in the future.

Im using a wordpress plugin to generate this poll you can find it here : wp-polls

The Poll Answer Info

The categories in the poll cover basically everything in that category such as digital illustration, includes drawing techniques, tutorials, inspiration etc.

The Poll – You can choose up to 3 options

[poll id=”2″]

Missed Something Your Interested In?

This post is all about what you like and want to see on the blog if its not in the poll let me know in the comments what interests, but make sure its design related :)