Nike Football City Typography Treatment

Here we feature an artist who goes by the name of “ROAN”, for the design savvy amongst you will remember him from the PSD Tuts post about South American Artists in which he was featured – This is truly awesome design and illustration.

This is an extract from his folio which I hope will inspire you.

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Here is what he produced

The Typography below looks alive, im sure i can almost see a heart with the main arteries and blood vessels flowing through it.

Amazing Floral Typography Inspiration

Floral and ornamental type dates back to medieval times when scribes were writing manuscripts, they would use the large ornamental lettering as initials and smaller plainer fonts for the body text.


Lettering that had been modified with such decoration is usually referred to as embellishment, this means that the decoration appears on top of the letterform, this type of decoration was copied and experimented with in the 19th century by foundries adding patterns, pictures shadows and 3D effects to there lettering.



The other type of lettering is refereed to as Encompassing this is when the letterform itself is decorative and is not derived from an existing letterform


Ref Book: Type and Typography

Below are a few examples from around the web to gain some inspiration in this style of design and typography that has taken form over the years.


Created by Fourooms a design studio in Hamburg as a Christmas gift to Si Scott, another designer who also produces similar floral and flourish type designs.

This design looks overgrown and wild with an upward movement that makes it feel like its growing.


The hand drawn version coloured with ink.


Shaz Madani

An elegant hand made design by Shaz Madani made from paper for a campaign for Artic Paper to bridge the gap between creativity and environmental thinking, such as using recycled paper.


Quinto hache

These flourishes originate from the numbers and grow upwards, there are lines in the background and also balloons floating, the space and stars on the numbers gives the design a bright vivid aura.


Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya originally from Russia has achived numerous awards for typographic style and design, these designs look like icing on a cake, delicate flourishes with contrasting colours.



Ginger Monkey Design

Ginger Monkey Design have had numerous features in magazines including computer arts, there designs incorporate many swirls and flourishes, This personal collection is part of there inspiring word series here can be seen compassion and selfless.

This set has great composition and simple decoration yet has a massive impact on the type as well as the though provoking colours.



Words are Pictures

Words are Pictures is a London, UK based designer that has some familiar designs, playing with typography and words is how this designers progresses his designs, as you can see the design below looks almost 3D with hidden words behind the foliage.



Inksurge a design company from Manila, Philippines specialising in visual arts and communication

Prouced this design for the hosting company Media Temple, a shirt design for a premium give-away for their clients and partners.

Covers the letterforms with a bouquet of ornaments and floral patterns making the it still legible to read.



Nathan Walker

Nathan Walker from Dallas, TX, United States is a freelance designer specialising in digital art.

A sketch taken in to Photoshop inspired by a quote from the bible “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13



Narani Kannan

Narani Kannan is a graphic design student in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The design below is inspired by the Victorian architecture know as baroque.


Arthur Dam

Arthur Dam is a designer from Hilversum, Netherlands and has created atmospheric digital designs

The design below shows an intriquet blend of curls around a light font making the whole word eye catching even though the colours are quite dull.


Burlesque Design

Burlesque Design an array of music oriented prints and posters, the example below shows how the design is progressing from a sketch.


Nikki Farquharson

Nikki Farquharson a freelance designer from London, UK has an eye for patterns, lines, shapes and colours.


Si Scott

Si Scott is maybe one of the more well know dseigners for this style




sumeco is a Dutch designer who has a huge and inspiring portfolio of digital work the examples shown take on a natural typography theme with roots, vines, and branches, giving the designs a fresh feel.



Colin Lee

Colin Lee is a passionate designer from London, UK creating complex typographic treatments as well as other forms of graphic design.



Shiny Binary

Nik Ainley of Shiny Binary is an Oxford, UK based illustrator and has had some great accomplishments with publications in magazines and books, he strives to master his tools to realise his ideas.



Id have to say that this style of typography catchs my imagination more over than allot of other styles. just because of the detail and time spent on each piece, What do yo like and think about this style ?

Inspiring Grunge Style Big Typography Posters

There is something special about these hand picked posters. A certain style that is unique and makes them stand out. Those are big typography posters, with a grunge edge and a retro touch. Typically with big fonts, straight lines, round curves, dark colors and grunge textures.

Scott Hansen:



Jonathan Haggard:






Kasper Soeholt:



Joseph Wharton:


Rafael Bessa:




Get More Typography Inspiration:

Hopefully now you have plenty of posters for inspirations… So, here is a link to collection of grunge tutorials and resources. Create you own and share the results!
I wish to see more from this style…

Design Vocabulary – Typography Terms – Week 1

Hey everyone, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the terms designers kick around. This is the first of what I plan to be weekly posts to teach you all some “design speak” in small bite size pieces. Enjoy!

To kick things off on this inaugural list: Typography Terms!


to squeeze together characters, for a better fit of strokes and white space. In display type, characters almost need to be kerned because the white space between characters at large sizes is more noticeable.

Pica (PIE-ka):

A measurement used in typography for column widths and other space specifications in a page layout. There are 12 points in a pica, and approximately 6 picas to an inch.


A measurement used in typography for type size, leading, and other space specifications in a page layout. There are 12 points in a pica, and approximately 70 points to an inch.

Leading (LED-ing):

The space between lines of type, traditionally measured

baseline-to-baseline, in points. Text type is generally set with one or two points of leading; for example, 10-point type with 2 points of leading. This is described as 10/12, read “Ten on Twelve” or “Ten over Twelve”.


The height of the lowercase “x.” More generally, the height of the lowercase letters.

If you dug this, please hit me with some comment love, I will make more :D